5 Best Charlotte Ghost Walking Tours

A mobile phantom visit is fun, however it’s considerably more fulfilling to generally meet the city’s apparitions while coasting on a Segway. Investigate the spooky spots of Charlotte, NC, on this spine-shivering experience! On this hour and a half visit, we skim around memorable Charlotte, sharing phantom stories and experiencing several spirits end route. Your aide thoroughly understands the city’s pair of experiences and creepy occupants. Discover in regards to the neighbourhood hauntings and have a good time as you find the city’s more obscure side.

1) Charlotte Ghost Walking Tour.

Hear stories of the bizarre and unexplained in Uptown Charlotte. From the Civil War and prohibition to tragic lift shaft accidents. We offer the finest haunts and the most riveting ghost tours in the South. Our ghost tour is created to be scary and creepy but continues to be family-friendly and available to all or any ages. We bring history alive through death. You’ll all be referring to this exciting tour for a long time!

2) Haunted Charlotte Ghost and Pub Walking Tour.

Combine the mystery of a haunted tour with fun of a pub crawl for a great night out. Helpful tips will lead the group on a 2.5-hour walking tour through historic Charlotte. Stop at several bars on the way, each housed in historic buildings with their own unique ghosts and stories. Guests will have time to savor a delicious libation as the guide tells them all in regards to the fascinating history of Charlotte and a number of its most famous and creepy haunted stories!

3) Charlotte Beyond the Grave Haunted History Walking Ghost Tour.

On this 90-minute historic, ghostly walking tour in uptown Charlotte you’ll be guided by lantern light, listening to the stories and haunts of local history. Explore the sites where a number of Uptown’s departed inhabitants are thought to still linger. See a number of Charlotte’s famous and sometimes infamous landmarks, and understand how the ghostly past has shaped the town of Charlotte today.

4) Dark History Walking Tour

This one-hour tour explores the “crazy, dangerous and spooky” issues that have happened in just five blocks of Uptown. You’ll learn about the Gray Lady of Settlers Cemetery, Charlotte’s old bodysnatching scam and more. Reserve in advance. Tours are limited to 15 people.

5) Haunted Segway Tour.

 You don’t need to walk right around ghosts. Instead, glide through 3-5 miles of Charlotte on Segway’s and look at the uptown ghosts. Destinations include Historic 4th Ward, Settlers Cemetery and The Square. Guests for this one has to be 18 or older.

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